Barracuda Fish

Owner of one of the most menacing faces in the tropics, barracuda are a favorite among divers, snorkelers, and anglers alike. Easily distinguishable by their protruding lower jaw, razor sharp teeth, and long silvery body the barracuda is one of the fastest fish in the sea. There are several different species of barracuda that inhabit tropical seas all over the world, but none bigger than the great barracuda. Found all over the world except the eastern Pacific, the all tackle record is 87 lbs.

Barracuda are caught with a variety of different fishing techniques – trolling with spoons, live bait and prepared bait as well as spin casting live bait, spoons, and surface poppers. A fast and erratic retrieval works best with this active hunter. In Belize especially anglers have a lot of fun fly fishing for barracuda as they put on scorching runs and can make for a good dinner.

WHAT THEY EAT: Simply put, the barracuda will eat whatever is available and whatever it wants. Technically they are classified as piscivores as they eat a variety of smaller fish.

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Barracuda are typically found wherever smaller fish congregate, be it inshore or offshore. They are often found near structures like reefs, piers, and ship wrecks but are also seen on sandy and grassy bottoms as they patrol the flats. Smaller barracuda will typically travel in small schools but mature adults are often loners.