Here at Central America Fishing we always try to think outside the box and be a little different. We came up with the idea for the ‘Gaff Cam’ video wanting to get a up close and personal perspective on sport fishing, and thanks to our Go Pro cameras we were able to do something different. While the billfishing here for marlin and sailfish is strictly catch and release, most other game fish like dorado, wahoo, yellow-fin tuna, grouper and snapper all make great table fare.

In Costa Rica and Panama we catch dorado throughout the year, but in our green season they can be caught in hordes. Wahoo are always elusive and tough to land once you have them hooked, and that’s part of what makes them such a delicious treat. Yellow-fin tuna can always be caught year round, but like dorado we encounter the biggest schools of tuna in the green season (April-Nov). In Panama the giant cow tuna are usually caught between March and July. Few things can top the experience of going offshore fishing all day and catching your own dinner – or better yet enjoying fresh sashimi right on the boat! In our ‘GAF Cam’ video we show you how we get the fish from the Pacific Ocean to the fish box and eventually to our dinner plates. As they say here in Costa Rica – buen provecho!